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25 Years Experience

Main Working Areas

Solutions to our customers and partners, in internationally recognized standards , particularly fire and traffic solutions, to provide advanced technology products and to provide complete services.


To Activate Supression and End of Supression Buttons

Evacuation Sheets

Emergency Hospital Evacuation Sheets

Test Category

It ıs a test category.Test test test.

Fire-fighting Solutions

We offer latest technology fire-fighting solutions.


Cut Resistant, Heat Resistant, Impact Resistant, Waterproof, Utility Armor Safety Gloves

Traffic Solutions

We offer new generation solutions for traffic issues.

Consultancy Services

We offer our several years experiences in the field.

Automation Technologies

We offer automation technologies solutions according to the sector's need.

Signalization Products


We offer correct solutions with testing the facts on computers.

R&D and High Technology

We offer our developed solutions to the sector according to its needs.

Machine Production

We offer machine production with our experienced team.

Environmental Products

We offer environmental protection with our clean-up systems, photovoltaic panels and the cleaners.

Rescue Tools

We respond to emergencies on-site with our high-tech products.

Imported Products

Innovative, High Technology Imported Products


In order to meet national and international demands of our products and services, We continue our cooperation and work with our Solution Partners for serving to our existing customers and also taking part in the new markets to contact with new customers.